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Hallows End: Part 1
In the city of Stonewall, there is a tradition. That every year when the leaves turn brown and gold the nobles of the surrounding villages gather. All together they throw a special celebration within Stonewall keep, dressing as beasts and the like. This was started as a way to ward these creatures away from the surrounding lands, and even now this tradition is still up held. However the nobles now use it as an excuse to gather together, make deals outside of the meeting hall and generally impress each other. Whole wars have been prevented due to this celebration, making it a must attend event for any of high upstanding.
The event was invitation only, a face-to-face invite. It was incredibly rare for nobles to travel simply to hand another a scrap of paper, but one could only imagine what must lie within Stonewall castle every year while the nobles strutted about the building's great hall. The riches that must lie within, had tempted many would-be thieves over the years. No one had ever
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Wub a Lub Dub!

The Rules!
1. You have to post ALL the rules
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves
10. Be creative with the title. You can't mention you got tagged in the title, but can in the Journal/Journal description

Answering questions from Skyverfox and Teen-Detective 

From Skyverfox:

    1.    Favorite sport to play, or watch

Skeleton racing: Winter Olympics.

2. Favorite Godzilla monster.


3. Skirts, dresses, or short shorts.


4. if you HAD to be tied up, chair tie, hog tie, or over the shoulder carry?

Hog tie, even if I couldn’t handle it.

5. Guns, or bows?


6. Favorite British actor?

Derek Jacobi

7. Favorite thing to walk barefoot through.


8. Gorilla's or Hogs?

No idea.

9. Fantasy or Future?

I live in the future. I choose fantasy

10. Soft and warm, Or cool and comfortable?

Cool exterior, warm interior

11. Duck Tape, Ropes, Or others?


12. Mei, or Tracer?


13. If you could get a Tattoo of one thing what would it be?

Opiferque per Orbem Dicor


 From Teen- Detective:

  1.    What would you call your defining experience with Bondage/DiD/BDSM?

 It was supposed to be a photo-set with a fetish friend. They had a flesh-colored zentai, and a fiberglass kigurumi mask. I got to dress her and direct her poses. Ultimately, though, the poses became bondage, using her bondage chair, as well as cuffs and chains. Something happened for both of us. I lifted the mask and taped her mouth, and blindfolder her. I added toys to vibrate within her costume, and then…just left her there. I watched her twitch, realizing what I was doing. I left the room for approximately a half hour, checking on her intermittently. After a half hour, she was completely still, breathing deeply. I took off the toys, but not the blindfold and gag. I stood her up, and she moved when I touched her, posed when I posed her, but did nothing else. I had a living doll. When I was done playing, I placed her back on the chair, unbound, but still costumed and masked, as if putting her away. Some time later, she came out, trembling, completely unadorned, walked over and hugged me. And as both a dominant, and as a future submissive, I knew what I wanted.    

2. What's that song you've had on repeat recently? You know the one.
Dada Life: One Last Night on Earth…

3. Pick a 5E era D&D Character Class! Explain your choice.

Monk. Give me Tranquility, Give me Grace. Give me the Splashing Waves Technique.

4. If there is ONE artist on here you'd love to work with on a project, who would it be?

Already doing it.

5. What's your favorite Mexican Chain? Qdoba, Chipotle, Taco Bell, or one I didn't mention? What's do you order there the most? If you don't like Mexican, what chain DO you eat at most often?

Qdoba. It’s just downstairs from my office.

6. What's your fondest memory of me? If you have one, that is.

I’m waiting for the best of the them. J

7. What song would be your WWE Entrance music? Remember, it's gotta get the crowd popping.

Celldwellar: First Person Shooter…

8. Favorite alien race? It can be from anything.

Geth. Mass Effect.

9. What is your favorite Boss Fight? On the flipside what Boss Fight infuriated you to no end?

FFVII:Sephiroth/Kingdom Hearts: Sephiroth

10. What would you envision as the perfect ending for your main OC?

Grave in the ruined Redblade Estate, long overgrown. A girl asking her mother who that grave is for.

11. What's the best meal you've had in the past week?

Deep Dish pizza: Calo Ristorante

12. What is your favorite method of restraint? Favorite gag? (If you're into BDSM/DiD)

Chains with Zip-Clips. Pair of panties and duct tape.

13. If you HAD to do karaoke, what song would be your first choice?

U2 Wild Horses. 

1. I'm a veteran of the Bristol Rennaisance Faire
2. I have a podcast
3. I am first cousins with two olympic medal winners
4. I get random artifacts from an artist/shaman in West Virginia without requesting them.
5. I've only been submissive once. 
6. I collect alcohol, but rarely drink. 
7. I successfully produced an all-woman production of Terry Pratchett's 'Wyrd Sisters'
8. The writing I'm proudest of is a fairytale I wrote for my baby sister.
9. That sister is presently an executive at a large news organization. 
10. My husband makes me feel handsome. And his photos are the only ones I've seen that make me happy with myself. 
11. My Wilson Fisk cosplay is traumatizing. Once you've seen it. You will never enter a car whose door I've opened for you. 
12. The best time of my life was alone at the bottom of a canyon before dawn.
13. I am in a music video.


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